The best and worst foods for weight loss

It’s easy to categorize foods as “good” and “bad.” It’s what we’ve been taught by diet culture, which is literally everywhere around us. Based on our own judgements and descriptions of foods, we then determine what we should and shouldn’t eat.

Have you ever thought about giving up on the food judgements and just eating whatever you’re hungry for?

You may think this will lead you to eat anything and everything. After all, there has probably been times when you’ve allowed yourself a “bad” food and couldn’t stop. I’ve been there too.

But the truth is, these judgements interfere with your ability to listen to your body to tell you exactly what and how much it needs.

Here’s an example: You want chocolate. But because you think it’s “bad” you substitute an apple. You then feel unsatisfied, because it wasn’t exactly what you wanted. You then go searching for something else that is “healthy” and sweet. You try a few more things before realizing that nothing is going to actually satisfy your craving for chocolate. So then you have the chocolate anyway. And you feel like a failure.

It’s important for your food choices to match up with your craving, or it will never truly satisfy you. And I’ve never met anyone who gave themselves permission to eat and then only wanted sweets and French fries.

When you learn to listen to your body and provide it with what it wants, you’ll find there’s a wide range of foods that can provide satisfaction AND allow you to meet your nutritional needs.

Now, I’m going to eat some chocolate, thank you very much 😉